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lundi 1 février 2016

Jason Haufe acrualités

Jason Haufe
Pop Up, Paris, France. 4 - 27 February 2016.

his is Jason Haufe's second solo exhibition in Europe and his first in Paris. Haufe will be in Paris throughout the duration of the show.

The tension between the digital and the handmade is resolved in the collages of Australian artist Jason Haufe. Although the works appearance is handmade, not one line or form has been hand drawn. The paper Haufe uses for collage are photocopies or blank photocopy paper. All the pieces are either photocopied from his previous collages, patterns or other found material, with some scanned and manipulated digitally on a computer and then printed and photocopied.

Every time a work is produced, it adds to the sum of material that can be fed back into the process. The composition in most cases, reduced to an iconic structure on a white ground, is the formal solution to the overload of visual information at the artists' disposal. The possibility of repetition, changes in scale, inversion, distortions and colour only add to the complexity of forms and possible directions.

Having invented a method, the process puts forward forms and combinations the artist would never have thought of. Choices, not invention are then required by the artist. Here, a rigorous formalism goes hand in hand with an ease with uncertainty. By letting go, the artists' possibilities open up.

Factory 49
49 Shepherd St
Marrickville NSW 2204
1-6pm Thursday to Saturday 
(+61 2) 9572 9863
Factory 49 Paris Pop Up
122 rue Amelot. Paris 75011